Beyond Yin Yoga Online Program



Are you eager to learn more about yourself, your yoga practice and your body? Do you need a friendly nudge to get back into your yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice?

This 12 week online yoga program will do just that. Over the past year, I have recorded hundreds of yoga classes for online programs, zoom classes and my private clients. This program scoops up the relevant recordings from this year of online yoga filmed while in quarantine alongside recordings from my past online yin yoga program filmed across the globe and compiles them into one cohesive and impactful online program.

How it Works:

  1. Register online now – the program will begin the first Monday after your purchase has been made.
  2. Every Monday you will receive an email with a theme and a link to three pre-recorded yoga classes related to that theme. From hour long yin-yang flow sessions to 5 minute meditations, the program provides dynamic content to choose from all week. You may decide to do each class, or just one. Either way, you have access to all of the recordings indefinitely.
  3. Purify your body and mind and spirit just in time for spring.



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