Online Prenatal Yoga Program for Your Chakras



Welcome to “Online Prenatal Yoga for your Chakras“.
Enjoy 7 Prenatal Yoga classes including everything from meditation to flow to hatha styles of yoga. Each of these videos were filmed throughout my own pregnancy and are centered on awakening each chakra centre as ones pregnancy evolves. The online program also includes affirmations and journaling exercises to help mamas-to-be through their own prenatal journey. I am a certified prenatal yoga instructor (and a certified mama of a three year old and a 1 year old! :P)
How The 7 Week Prenatal Yoga Chakra Series Works
  • Upon purchase, you will you will receive an introductory e-mail outlining the program
  • Every Monday thereafter, you will receive an insightful email exploring the relative chakra, a journalling exercise and a private link to the prenatal yoga video ranging from 10-25 minutes in length.
  • You can do the classes when I send them or anytime, and you have access for an entire year.
  • Each class is accompanied by chakra affirmations and meditations.
  • Each class is designed to be appropriate for all trimesters and can be done whenever you choose. That said, the program is organized in that the first session is best for the first trimester, the second, third, fourth are for ideal the second trimester and the fifth, sixth and seventh are appropriate for the third trimester.
  • Your job is to simply roll out your mat, and press play.. and remember, always listen to your body!


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