Joyful June Yoga Series




Let’s face it, this year has been tough. My private yoga clients have worked tirelessly to continue practicing, doing their yoga and finding their calm. Alas, we are only human, and this neverending rollercoaster of a year has left even the best of us struggling to smile.

That’s why this June, I am hosting a Joyful June online yoga series.

Every Wednesday night from 7:00pm-7:45pm, I will be offering a yoga practice wholeheartedly devoted to invoking and inspiring joy. I will provide you with techniques on how to become more resilient, how to practice positivity and how to share that with others.

Week 1 June 2: Positive Affirmations and Yin Yoga

Week 2 June 9: Overcoming Your Brains Negativity Bias and Yin Yang Flow

Week 3 June 16: Gratitude Practice and Hatha Yoga

Week 4 June 23: Happy Brain Habits and Restorative Yoga

Week 5 June 30: Forest Flow (Outdoor live park yoga class, in Toronto, if covid-rules permit!!!!) – pre-recorded flow class is in-person is not yet allowed.

“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day” – Alice Earle

Cost: $60.00 + HST per person


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