Get Involved! Window Workout is looking for teachers, sponsors and supporters to spread our message and spread smiles and sweat this winter. Regardless of where we live, we want you to help us create a Movement-Movement during Covid-19!

How You Can Help:

Calling All Outerwear Companies:

My colleagues and I would LOVE to offer this to people who want it, but like everyone else in this economy, we too have lost our jobs as studios and gyms have closed down. That being said, we are looking to partner with a winter athletic clothing company to collaborate on this initiative. In exchange for outfitting our instructors this winter, you will be a part of our global wellness campaign. Our instructors need to be bundled up in warm, but movable and versatile, clothing that allows them to lead their fitness class even when the weather, and the world, seems totally unwilling to let it happen. For you, this becomes the most positive and powerful marketing campaign you can run mid-pandemic. For our instructors, we get clothed to do our own workouts outdoors this winter while continuing to do the work that we love. For the community, we make people sweat and smile.

Contact Ashley ahdyment@gmail.com for more details on our Sponsorship Program

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