Workout with a professional from the comfort of your home, through the safety of your window. Our expert fitness instructors will offer custom instruction through their bluetooth headphones and you can listen through the speakerphone on your phone. Classes are available to individuals, families or groups living in nursing homes and community homes. We believe in the healing power of exercise. And, we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. We will come dressed warm enough to confidently guide you through your workout as if we were in your home with you. All you need is a window we can workout in front of.

  • They will climb up your apartment fire escape to work out on your balcony while you follow their lead from inside. 
  • They will lay down their yoga mat on your front porch to guide you through a series of calming sun salutations or your first “snowga” practice.
  • They will lead you on a hardcore booty workout from your backyard deck while you follow along in your living room window. 


I know it sounds unusual, but the world is unusual right now and so it needs creative solutions to keep people healthy. In order to access these private sessions, you must have:

  • A window in your home/condo/nursing home/apartment/school that one of our instructors can access from outside of and teach/demonstrate/guide the workout.
  • A phone so our instructor can connect with you via bluetooth headphone while you have your phone on speakerphone to converse.
  • A willingness to sweat and smile


Mission: To create meaningful paid work for fitness instructors, to keep our population sweating and smiling and to create personal connections with those most isolated during Covid-19.

Vision: Create a Movement of Movement around the world during Covid-19. From oceanside apartments on Vancouver Island to century home porches downtown Toronto, our collective of teachers will head outside and safely offer health and wellness window workouts from porches, backyards, decks, balconies and beyond, lighting up these otherwise sad times.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Literally Anyone.

Buy a class pass for yourself, your family, or your neighbour. We also welcome donations of purchases. If you simply want to support the movement – buy a class pass and let us know that you’d like those classes to be donated to someone in need. We have a list of at-risk people eager for these classes but unable to afford them. We appreciate all your help.

yoga teacher
yoga in nature
  • Purchase a Senior Friendly or Chair Yoga Window Workout for a senior in your life currently in isolation. All they need is a window with a view and a phone!
  • Encourage your entire family to stay fit together by hiring us for a Window Workout family fitness class pass!
  • Deepen your yoga practice with one-on-one yoga instruction with personal assists and verbal adjustments from leading teachers in your community.
  • Learn an entirely new skill with your roommates – like martial arts or pilates – on your weekly wellness day with one of our inspiring instructors.
  • Help a pregnant friend or new mom cope with the physical and emotional agony related to pre and postpartum life with a natal class from certified teachers!
  • Help an immunocompromised kid stuck at home in online school reconnect to their physical body, build an intimate relationship with their teacher and learn a new skill to be proud of.
  • Purchase class passes for your employees to encourage them to stay healthy and take breaks from their computer during long work days.

MAMA TAUGHT ME TO ALWAYS GIVE BACK: For every 10 class pass sold, we will provide 1 free class to a nursing home, care facility, family in need, shelter or school.