Why you need a Window Workout

"The most recent statistics indicate that pre COVID-19 only 1 in 5 Canadian adults are meeting the current recommended level of physical activity (150 minutes per week) and activity levels tend to decline with increasing age." - Statistics Canada


"People who work out even once a week or for as little as 10 minutes a day tend to be more cheerful than those who never exercise." - New York Times


“Being exposed to sweat produced under happiness induces a simulacrum of happiness in receivers, and induces a contagion of the emotional state." - Time Magazine


"Elderly people’s life is affected by multiple factors including social support, which is of the utmost importance." - Korean Journal of Family Medicine


"Only 4.8% of children and 0.6% of youth were meeting combined movement behaviour guidelines during COVID-19 restrictions. Children and youth had lower PA levels, less outside time, higher SB (including leisure screen time), and more sleep during the outbreak." - IJBNPA


"An online survey of Albertans who have reached out for help during the COVID-19 crisis suggests the pandemic is taking a toll on mental health, with increased signs of obsessive behaviour, stress and depression." - CTV News


My name is Ashley Holly McEachern. I am a yoga instructor living in Toronto, Ontario. During the past few weeks I have received an unprecedented number of calls and emails requesting private yoga instruction for kids who are in online school and already experiencing too much screen time, senior citizens who are in nursing homes or isolated in their homes, and companies who are trying to keep their staff happy and balanced. Alas, the same problems arise each time: Fitness studios have closed down again and people are literally driving from Stage 2 zones to other cities to go to gyms, online fitness requires even more screen time in an already screen-heavy day, students are purchasing online fitness but not actually showing up for it and instructors are unwilling to go inside their clients homes due to Covid-19 risk and vice versa.

How can our society stay strong and healthy during this pandemic? In times like these, we need to do more than think outside the box. We need to take that box, rebuild it into something that does not even remotely resemble a box, and create from there. And so emerged my idea. 


Picture a team of energetic, positive, diverse and inspiring yoga and fitness instructors traipsing across your beautiful city offering in-person exercise sessions, but through the covid-safe barrier of a homes/offices/condos/nursing home/school windows. 


  • You book your session online. Our team will contact you to sign a waiver, set up scheduling and pick your teacher. 
  • At the time of your class, your instructor will arrive and call you so you can tell them what window to meet you at. They will have headphones on through which they will teach you your class. You can choose to put your phone on speakerphone or wear headphones too! Airpods or BEATS work best. 
  • Then you workout and have fun! 
  • They will climb up your apartment fire escape to work out on your balcony while you follow their lead from inside. 
  • They will lay down their yoga mat on your front porch to guide you through a series of calming sun salutations or your first “snowga” practice. Don’t worry, they will be geared up in warm winter workout clothes!
  • They will sit on a chair outside your front door and guide you through an accessible chair yoga practice.
  • They will lead you on a hardcore booty workout from your backyard deck while you and your roommates follow along in your living room window. 
  • They will lead your grandma or grandpa through a joy-inducing series of stretches from their back bay window.

MAMA TAUGHT ME TO ALWAYS GIVE BACK: For every 10 class pass sold, we will provide 1 free class to a nursing home, care facility, family in need, shelter or school.

Meet Our Fitness Experts

The best teachers in your city are eager to teach right now, but due to Covid-19 restrictions to keep us safe, they have nowhere to do it. Many of us are offering online classes, but just like our students, we too are craving real-life human interaction. Window Workouts is a safe form of offering private and personal fitness training to our clients without compromising our and their health. Meet our team of awesome energetic teachers from across the country below.

Nicole Vukosavljevic

Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Basic

Nicole Vukosavljevic is a yoga instructor in Victoria BC. Originally from Ontario she recently moved across the country by herself to experience the West Coast lifestyle. She is passionate about creating a feeling of home on the yoga mat.

Availability: Upon request - evenings and weekends

Location: Greater Victoria, BC

Emily Bentivoglio

Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Personal Training, 100% Fit Coach

Emily has always been a passionate and energetic athlete. She is a 2x Black Belt and Martial Arts Instructor at 100% Martial Arts in Ottawa, Ontario. Emily is proud to be a Fit Coach, Posing Coach and Fitness Model too!

Availability: Contact for Availability

Location: Ottawa, ON

Ashley Holly McEachern

Ashley Holly McEachern

Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Meditation, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga

Ashley has over 500 hours of yoga training, has led yoga teacher trainings and workshops in four countries and most recently taught at 889 Yoga and YYOGA.

Monday & Wednesday 7-8am
Saturday & Sunday 10am-11am

Location: Downtown Toronto

What People Are Saying About Window Workouts

It's strange, it's new, its unusual. It is exactly what the world needs right now. This is a movement of movement.
Meriel, 86

Meriel, 86

Etobicoke, ON

“I wanted to learn something new. Ashley is a good instructor who made me want to continue learning. She is happy to adjust future sessions based on my comments. It was very helpful to have a live instructor who could assess and correct my poses immediately to prevent any strain or injury. It's nice to see a smiling face during these covid times.”

Aliza Shupac, Psychotherapist

Aliza Shupac, Psychotherapist

Toronto, ON

“Heather was such a talented teacher. She provided personalized adjustments through verbal prompts and it was so refreshing to be able to be taught by a real person and not someone on a computer screen. She made it feel like we were both outside in my backyard together. I couldn’t recommend this more”

Tanya Pillay, RMT

Tanya Pillay, RMT

West End Toronto, ON

"I chose a chair-based yoga window workout to help inspire the seated portion of our lives. Our instructor was comfortable adapting to our spacing and mobility challenges. I was even able to duck out to tend to some minor parenting concerns. Audio quality over speaker phone was great! The class felt hyperpersonalized and yet more than safely distant. I highly recommend this for anyone with a clear view of people outside - it's a cool experience on its own as well as an important movement opportunity where we are otherwise lacking our usual options."

Daria Hinde, CEO Darsbars

Daria Hinde, CEO Darsbars

Leslieville, Toronto

"I was feeling uninspired by the many Zoom yoga classes available. Mainly because there is no accountability on my part to actually practice. Knowing that my body needed to move, stretch and breathe, I decided to try my very first window workout yesterday, and boy am I ever happy I did! The lovely Jaffer showed up to the window outside my office and was able to guide me through a fabulous flow class, while maintaining a safe distance. The best part about it, was that he was able to help assist me in my postures and encouraged me to challenge myself a bit further, because he could see me- Even when I couldn’t see him- (no secret napping in child’s pose) After 45 minutes, I felt lifted, energized and so very grateful."

Colleen A

Colleen A

Danforth, ON

"Heartfelt thanks to Window Workout for coming up with a creative approach for self-care during these days of physical distancing. If you want to engage in some non-solo structured movement I can think of no better solution than to hire one of their experts. It’s convenient – they come to you – and it’s 100% safe – you’re inside while they’re outside. The peace of mind allows you to fully engage and enjoy the workout. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of Angelica Rao leading us through a
yoga class. Angelica is a top-notch teacher who easily handles different levels of students simultaneously. Her steeped knowledge, kindness and caring come through in her words along with her gentle, thoughtful explanations of positions and breath. We thoroughly enjoy her and our bodies thank us for the experience. Kudos Window Workout!"

Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie Lynch

Leslieville, ON

"I didn't realize how much I missed and needed having a teacher guide me through my practice. Having someone there to adjust you (verbally of course) and personalize the class is something that you just don't get through online videos. I haven't had a live teacher since February and it felt so good. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to get into the moment as it was an approach to yoga that I have never tried before, but within minutes I felt comfortable and calm and finished feeling amazing. It was exactly what I needed. Highly recommended."

Lynda Simmons, Author

Lynda Simmons, Author

Burlington, Ontario

"It was a lot of fun, and it was a real workout"!



Etobicoke, ON

I really enjoyed the flow of Ashley's session with the mind/body/breath focus throughout. Ashley is a very knowledgable, experienced instructor. She offers various levels of each position so you can find what safely works for your body. She tailored the workout nicely based on our health questionnaires. The yoga nidra was a nice way to end the session.”

Fadi Ghaby, CEO

Fadi Ghaby, CEO

Ottawa, ON

"I booked the kickboxing Window Workout with Emily for my son and I and we had a blast. We laughed and sweat and had something new to talk about at dinner! You have to try it out."

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